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Monetize your Site with HumAds

Do you have Website or Blog and want to turn your visits into money?

With HumClix you can do it!! HumClix HumAds is an easy way to get extra income by just placing our script on your site so we can Publish our Advertisers Pages. If you own a website or blog to which you have access to edit the HTML, you simply add our script code. Our code allows advertisers to display their ads on your website, thus turning your website into a cash generating machine! What are you Waiting? Is FREE to join.

Earn Money With HumClix

Paid Traffic Visits

Earn money by visiting our Advertisers Site. Up to $ 0.01 per visit. And also a Bonus Program that gives you more money depending on your work. Daily Bonuses that boost your income and Daily Contests to get the chance to increase your Earnings. If you are watching for a Strong, Trusting and Secure Paid-To-Click Site to work, you are in the right place.

Referral Program

Earn money by referring others to HumClix, you will get a percentage of the purchases they make and also if you are a PTC Worker and Affiliate you can earn money for the Earnings the make. Up to $ 0.01 per Referral Visit. You can even double your earnings by getting a membership which allows you get more Referral Spots and Higher Referral Earnings. We also offer instant Payments to all users.

New Members are choosing HumClix, as we have a very strong financial base and planification, which allows you to be sure this site will be the most profitable and stable for you

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