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Lastest News
Referrals Reservations: New Feature!!!
Published on 26-10-2016

Don't want to wait for Available Referrals?
Make a Reservation!!

Referrals Reservation is a new feature that allows you to place an order for rented referrals, and when those are available they're added to your account, so you don't have to wait for them to be ready. 


New Feature - Daily AutoProfit
Published on 20-10-2016

Dear Members,

As a lot of you requested on Support Tickets. We are excited to let you know that soon we are going to have a new feature where our members will have the opportunity to build up their accounts in a faster way. Members who don't have sufficient funds in their account balance to purchase large pack of rental referrals or upper level membership will benefit this feature greatly.

Daily Autoprofit : System that automatically multiplies current account balance of the member by %110 and transfers into the purchase balance each daily. Members also will have the option to enable or disable this feature via their account dashboard.

1. Example: If a member has $10 in his account balance and the Autoprofit is enabled, his/her $10 will be transferred to the purchase balance as $11, which will lead the member afford more products on HumClix and eventually receive better results as an outcome. If the member disables his/her Autoprofit, his account balance will remain untouched.


1. Does all membership holder benefit " Daily Autoprofit " ?

==>Yes. It applies to all members who enabled their Daily Autoprofit.

2. How can I enable it?

==>It will be enabled by default on the day of official release, if you do not wish your account balance to be transferred to your purchase balance with %10 Extra , you can disable the Daily Autoprofit before its day via your account dashboard.

3. Is there any limit to Daily Autoprofit? Because I have $100 in my account balance, and can Daily Autoprofit transfer my $100 into my purchase balance as $110 ( Extra %10 profit rate)?

==>There is no limit to the profit you can make with Daily Autoprofit. More you save in your account balance, more profits you will receive.

4. How many times does Daily Autoprofit apply to my account balance?

==>It will take place daily.

5. Is it good for my earnings?

==>Of course, this way you will be able to afford larger pack of rental referrals, extend costs , recycling costs, or even a higher membership.


It is our great pleasure to announce that the first Daily Autoprofit will be in effect on October 21st 2016 by server reset time. All members have been notified via PM

We wish you happy more earnings!

New Daily Bonuses
Published on 07-10-2016

Dear Members,

We had added New Daily Bonuses For you!!!

- ClixWall Bonus - Just Complete (or Click) at least 10 ClixWall and you'll earn 15% more of your ClixWall Day Earnings!!!!
- PTCWall Bonus - Just Complete (or Click) at least 10 PTCWall and you'll earn 15% more of your PTCWall Day Earnings!!!!

More Earnings For you!!!

HumClix Admin

New Ways to Earn Money
Published on 05-10-2016


We'd like to introduce another new way for earning money

Those are new options to earn money just clicking ads

- PTC Wall
- ClixWall

Try them and boost your earnings!!!

Get your Daily Bonus!!!
Published on 18-08-2016

Hi Members,

You have now the chance to earn  $ 0.10 extra daily. How?

Daily View Ads Bonus: $ 0.05

  • View at least 50 Ads
  • Participate on HumGrid at least 10 times
  • Go to Daily Bonus Tab and Earn instantly $0.05!!!
  • You can do it Daily as soon as you fullfit all Requirements

Daily Completed Offers Bonus: $ 0.05

  • Complete at least 3 Offers
  • Go to Daily Bonus Tab and Earn instantly $0.05!!!
  • You can do it Daily as soon as you fullfit all Requirements

Don't Forget to participate Daily!!!

HumClix Team


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